Extract DMT: A Simple Guide

The extraction of DMT is very easy with the following instructions. It gives you a smokable freebase. If you want to smoke DMT, you must first extract it yourself from a plant that contains this active substance (dimethyltryptamine). All required materials are freely available for sale. But please observe the laws in your country before production and extraction and do not commit any punishable act!

The extraction method is relatively simple: sodium hydroxide solution is used to decompose the cell walls of the plant. The active ingredient is then dissolved out using pure petroleum ether. Finally, the solvent is separated from the DMT, for example by evaporation or the refrigerator method.

This picture illustrates the method:dmt extraction(Note: we have a different mother tongue than this one, so please forgive us for any language errors. The content is 100% correct)

Here are the instructions for extracting DMT as a smokable freebase:

Materials required for this DMT extraction:

– mimosa hostilis 100 g as starting material (as root bark, best pulverized – from which we extract DMT)
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– 250 ml pure petroleum ether "Benzinum medicinale" (as main solvent to extract DMT from the plant)
– 100 g NaOH (sodium hydroxide, also called caustic soda – decomposes the cell walls of the plant material)
– 2 small containers (approx. 0.5 litres) with matching lid
– 2 liter glass with wide opening and matching lid (so no bottle!)
– 1 pipette (but a separating funnel can also be used instead)
– 1 sheet of paper (A4)
– 1 metal spoon
– freezer

Step by step guide to creating and extracting DMT as a freebase:

1. Take the large glass vessel and dissolve 100 g NaOH in 1.5 litres of water. Slowly add the sodium hydroxide solution (NaOH) in 2 or 3 steps and always allow the liquid mixture time to cool down.

2. Once the water-NaOH mixture is cooled and clear in colour, we add the at best powdered Mimosa Hostilis root bark. This happens slowly and step by step under constant stirring. After that we leave the whole thing for one hour (60 minutes).

3. Now add 100 ml of the petroleum ether and close the jar with the lid.

4. tip the vessel and its contents very carefully and slowly for 5 minutes from one end to the other. Back and forth, but slowly. Do not shake or treat coarsely! After 5 minutes let it rest for a few minutes and repeat this process two more times.

5. after a while you see two different layers. The upper layer is the petroleum ether, which we now have to skim off. Simply take a pipette (or a separating funnel) and remove the top layer piece by piece and collect it in a new container. It is important not to collect any of the dark solution!

6. Place the remaining petroleum ether (100 to 150 ml) in the large glass vessel and repeat steps 5 & 6 twice. Separate the upper layer again and collect everything in a new container.

7. Place the collecting vessel (the one with the petroleum ether) in the freezer compartment for 24 hours.

8. after one day we take it out and let the petroleum ether run off carefully. It is important that all floating crystals remain in the vessel.

9. we take out the white crystals with a spoon and let them dry on the folded A4 paper

10. Alternatively, the petroleum ether could be evaporated without the freezer compartment process. However, it takes many days until everything has evaporated and must not be accelerated with heat sources!

11. after drying, we crush the lumps and have thus produced or extracted a total of between 500 and 1000 milligrams of pure DMT. The exact purity level of the DMT extract is not known, but should be at least 50 to 90 percent, depending on the method used. Generally speaking, if the crystalline powder is white, yellow or brown at the end, you can smoke it. If it’s green or blue, something went wrong and you should throw it away and try again.

With this Freebase you now have a highly potent end product that is not for the inexperienced! Since the exact concentration of dimethyltryptamine is ultimately unknown, the dosage should be taken very carefully! 10 milligrams are considered a light dosage when smoking. So with a milligram scale you weigh this amount, smoke the base and see how it works. After a few tests, the potency of this DMT extract can be estimated quite accurately and dosed accordingly. And of course Changa could also be made with it, no problem!

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