Don’t Buy Drugs – Grow Your Own Drugs! (a Book by James Wong)

In the book "Grow Your Own Drugs" James Wong combines traditional herbal knowledge with the latest scientific findings. He shows that you don’t have to buy drugs or that you can do without many. In his innovative and modern handbook, he explains how medicinal plants can alleviate complaints or replace cosmetic products. Clearly arranged portraits present the 100 most important plants, their properties and areas of application and give plant tips and hints for searching. Over 60 recipes for health and beauty present teas, soups, syrups, gargle solutions and do-it-yourself creams. All ingredients can be picked or bought.

buy drugsOne can buy in the meantime in pharmacies and drugstores many means, which were manufactured on the basis of welfare herbs. Some are more effective, some less, because the medicinal herbs used in the product differ in type and concentration.

Therefore it can be useful to prepare creams, ointments, tinctures or oils yourself and to fall back on James Wong’s book "Grow Your Own Drugs". The advantage is, of course, that you know exactly what is in it, i.e. whether you really only use high-quality substances and in what concentration. In addition, you can also make mixtures of herbs or other healing substances that you cannot buy in this way. In addition, the homemade products are usually cheaper than the purchased ones and you can only produce as much as you actually need, so you don’t have to throw away too much and always have fresh products. Buying drugs often only costs unnecessarily much money. James Wong shows that you can prepare effective drugs yourself without much knowledge!

For example his recipe lemon balm lip salve for cold sores only needs:

115 ml olive oil
21 tablespoon (approximately 50 grams) fresh lemon balm leaves
1 tablespoon honey
3 tablespoon wheatgerm oil
5 drops tea tree oil
1 tablespoon beeswax

So we can recommend this book to everyone who is interested in this topic! Many expensive drugs do not have to be bought any more. James Wong explains in his book "Grow Your Own Drugs" that you can also make it cheap yourself. Absolute purchase recommendation from us!

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